Creating a Bright Future Together

The future of the City of Gunter is bright! It is clear our citizens care deeply about Gunter and are proud of our great schools and small-town culture. It is the people of Gunter embracing the past with an eye toward the future that makes Gunter such a special place.

Gunter is in the path of growth surging north and change is coming our way. Dynamic planning, citizen engagement, and positive civil discourse, all based on community vision, will assist Gunter in being prepared. While we face immense challenges, much progress has been made, with much more work to do.  

The City of Gunter operates under the council-mayor form of government

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Our Guiding Principle

The Mayor and City Council carefully crafted and adopted a Vision and Mission Statement, core values, and strategic focus areas that embody the spirit and heart of Gunter citizens. They provide direction for our city government as our community grows, and they are the foundation for everything we do. They have become a core part of each employee, and we aspire each day to complete the mission and fulfill the vision.

Our citizens are our community’s greatest asset. We embrace diverse views and opinions through civil dialogue and discourse. We lead the city based on our vision and mission and operate within the framework of our Core Values. By working collaboratively as partners and staying focused, we ensure that Gunter continues to remain a community of choice for our citizens to live and raise a family.

A Staff of Servant Leaders

Our employees choose to be here every day, contributing to something greater than themselves, creating a community that is sustainable and a sense of place our citizens can call home. We are not here just for the paycheck. We are here because we are passionate and driven to serve our citizens and to make Gunter the best it can be.